stock images for your website that are also low resolution. A classic example is the contact page of a website, most designers at first would go for a lady sitting in front of a reception desk with a headset on, which at first would seem like the best professional option but it really looks just very generic and doesn’t really portray the companies image and also the opportunity to engage with the viewer could be lost.

Here are a few good tips to take into consideration before hiring a photographer:

  • Try not to use cliched images
  • Use images that are consistent with one aother across the entire website.
  • Avoid using images that aren’t related to any of your products or services

Another good alternative which is becoming widely used is the use of illustrations. Using unique and your own illustrations on your website give the overall look and feel a more personal touch, giving your website a more personal touch built trust automatically with the person and more authentic than many of the stock alternatives.