With Google’s Hummingbird update has come the news that the search giant will no longer provide website owners with keyword information. So what will this mean for your business? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways for you to carry on ensuring ROI for your site.

Hummingbird explained

Before you start worrying about how Hummingbird will change your working process, stop to take a look at the reasoning behind the update. Google has changed it search algorithm in an attempt to cut down on the amount of ‘fluff’ it returns in its search pages. This means that, ultimately, if you’re producing good, reliable webpages, Google is working to help you make sure they get the exposure they deserve.

The Hummingbird update should be treated as a reminder that the online world is constantly growing, changing and refining itself. The best way to enjoy good ROI on your website is to invest your energy into a broad and inclusive online content strategy that offers customers the information they are looking for in the most convenient format.

Videos, posts on social sites, blogs and well-crafted landing pages can all work together to create the kind of site that will continue to be attractive, no matter what’s happening with keyword data.
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