When you hear people speak about content marketing it really means, blog posts, social media posts emails in essence it means words spoken or written out. People always ask why is content marketing very effective, traditional marketing is becoming less used and more importantly less effective.

Why you ask? well let me firstly start with that traditional marketing is temporary, for example if you advertise on TV once that show or ad bracket it over which people can very easily miss, people wouldn’t know that your ad appeared while with content marketing which lives on the internet will forever be on display and can be very accessible. Also it is hard to track your ad’s performance on tv (offline marketing) while with content marketing there are number of ways (online tools) to measure its performance such as page views, conversion rates, open clicks, bounce rates and many more.

What are some key benefits of content marketing

  1. Firstly Google loves content, the main purpose of a search engine is to provide users with information content and a great users experience. This mean come up with good content.
  2. It builds trust, your brand becomes trusted by delivering good educated content consistently.
  3. It provides in long term good (ROI) even after many months / years your published post driving organic traffic which means potential leads, While traditionally methods are very short lived.

Here is a helpful tip if you want to capitalize and ensuring you get a good (ROI) write content that won’t easily get outdated for example don’t write about specific news articles (dates) although if written correctly it could go viral, but if not then your content can become redundant. Search engines prioritize content by relevance so ideally the content that you write should remain fresh for years to come, this is called evergreen content.